Just an idea…

Last night I came up with a brilliant idea. Since curling is the second most popular sport in the Winter olympics in Finland (can’t beat ice hockey), here’s a game idea to take advantage of that: Curling Crokinole!

It’s simple: Crokinole on a board shaped after a curling field. Players try to flick their disks in the house, with similar scoring as curling. Sure, you’ll have to skip the brooms, but still — the strategies of curling would be there.

As curling is immensely popular in Finland right now thanks to the successful national team, the game would sell a lot! Just slap Markku Uusipaavalniemi on top of the box and that’s it!

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6 responses to “Just an idea…”

  1. I didn’t know curling is the 2nd-most popular sport in Finnish winter olympics. I had assumed ski-jumping to be very popular, too. It’s really good to get to know more about Finland this way 😉
    BTW, is anyone aware of a boardgame about ski-junping?

  2. Ok, ski-jumping might be second most popular, too. A poll on Finland for Thought blog said curling is second, but I suppose it depends on who you ask.
    Ski-jumping is very popular, but the current team isn’t doing very well. In the other hand, ice-hockey team is doing great as is the curling team, so… Cross-country skiing used to be big, but after the doping disaster in Lahti few years ago it has been very weak.
    There’s at least one ski-jumping game (Phil of Finland for Thought bought it two years ago from Essen), but I don’t know if it’s any good. I doubt it.

  3. Then there’s of course those ski-jumper toys that I remember from the good-old-days(TM). Metallic skiis and lighter plastic man on top.
    Tiimari had an ad of those just a couple of days ago. So you’d only need some snow to make nice little hill.
    And maybe some rules of legal boosts to aerodynamics and ‘the gadget’ to make accurate measurements (maybe laser, video, pressure or all of them) and…
    There were also those sleds with 3-5 men and some weight inside. Those were a lot of fun also.