I wrote a review of PitchCar in Finnish. I also wrote a review in the Geek, but that’s not yet available. See the PitchCar Geek page, maybe it’s there when you read this.

Anyway, I think it’s a brilliant game. It looks spectacular and is great fun to play. It should work with just about any crowd — the car theme might turn someone off, but try to coerce those people to try the game. It’s simply so much fun to flick the discs. The rules are very easy, too, the game can be taught in about thirty seconds.

PitchCar is a game of accuracy. Brute force is not needed — brute force tends to make the discs fly out of the track. Accuracy and the skill of using the rails to your advantage are what makes you succeed in this game. It’s not too serious though. The worse you play, the more fun you’ll have. There’s always lots of cheering and fun involved.

I definitely encourage everyone to try it. PitchCar, or Crokinole, which is basically a more serious and strategic version of the same thing. Review is coming later.

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2 responses to “PitchCar”

  1. I’ve played Finnish Korona. It has plastic rings, which players try to get into corner pockets. They are hit with a larger striker ring, using sticks. Korona has huge pockets and might be close to the American Carrom. The proper game must be a lot more interesting.
    So no, but I guess it’s equally good game. There can’t be much difference…