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  • God, Candyland and the travels of Die Macher

    Yehuda wrote an article called The Designer’s Rules in the Gone Gaming blog. Go read it, as it was both funny and educating! And God said, “Let there be choice!” And there was choice, and each player now had two pawns, such that when they flipped a card, that player had to choose which pawn […]

  • Helcon III — Saturday

    Helcon III began early in the morning, when we packed up everything in Tommy’s car and headed to the location. We quickly set everything up, unpacked games and arranged the tables and whatnot. First visitors arrived early and started playing games soon and soon more came. First game I played was a four-player Crokinole match. […]

  • Die Macher

    I wrote a review of Die Macher. In Finnish, as usual… Die Macher has rather fitting Geek id: 1. It’s in a way the best board game there is. The theme is interesting (much more than the typical fantasy dragons or renaissance Italy), the mechanics are brilliant and the game is super exciting. The length […]

  • Lahti Board Game Weekend, Saturday

    After less-than-well slept night (maybe the real-size Space Marine helmets I slept next to haunted my sleep?) it was a new day and new games. The breakfast — eggs, bacon, french fries — was sturdy and sure to clog arteries. That’s just nice. The first game of the morning was a classic — Dragon’s Gold. […]

  • FinDipCon V: Saturday

    After about six hours of mediocre sleep and an hours walk in early morning Helsinki before the doors opened, the Saturday games started. After some quick two-players (Lost Cities and Flowerpower), we played the New England Phil had bought Friday. I studied the rules quickly and teached the others. It took a while to digest […]

  • Rest of the gaming weekend

    The previous entry covers the games of Friday. This one tells the tale from Saturday to Sunday. It’s a long story, but hopefully of interest at least to someone. Last Saturday was a full day of gaming. I woke up at about ten am and started the morning working on some Go problems. Then, after […]

  • Gaming year 2002 — the statistical review

    I love keeping the statistics for the games I play. I like toying around with the numbers, seeing how they go. Of course, the biggest rewards come when you can make deeper, more complete analysis. Changing of the year is a natural time for that. I can make a fairly complete review of the past […]

  • Die Macher pictures

    Here’s the last one for today: Die Macher pictures are online. More (Die Händler, Villa Paletti, LotR: Confrontation, Battle Cry) to come tomorrow!

  • Die Macher — at last!

    Here we go! Last week it looked a bit like there wasn’t going to be a game at all, but at the last moment I got some players. Unfortunately there was one cancellation, but we got three-player game going and that was good enough for me. I started to explain the rules at about 2 […]

  • Die Macher game happens!

    I was getting ready to face the truth: I wouldn’t play Die Macher this weekend. But no, I will! I sent a sms to my friend, who had been interested but said his weekends were busy. I checked the situation and he said he might be going home for the weekend, or might not. And […]