God, Candyland and the travels of Die Macher

Yehuda wrote an article called The Designer’s Rules in the Gone Gaming blog. Go read it, as it was both funny and educating!

And God said, “Let there be choice!” And there was choice, and each player now had two pawns, such that when they flipped a card, that player had to choose which pawn to move. And God saw that Candyland was now suitable for creatures with greater than low-grade intelligence.

Another top-notch pair of blog entries can be found on Rick’s blog: first The Deal, and the Pilgrimage of Die Macher and then Rick’s first Die Macher session report. Excellent writing!

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One response to “God, Candyland and the travels of Die Macher”

  1. And God had already created The Bobbysey Twins On The Farm Game (1957), which uses 2 pawns & a spinner to give Chutes & Ladders a teeny-tiny bit of tactics, but, lo, does not make it any more fun for people who have not also had frontal lobotomies.