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  • American Rails, first go

    Another long-owned game finally played: I was able to get American Rails on the table today. This game by Tim Harrison is heavily influenced by the Winsome Historic Railroads games — it wouldn’t miss the mark badly to call it a Chicago Express or Wabash Cannonball variant. That’s what it is. The game plays a […]

  • Board game club: Fjorde, Neuland, Havoc

    The olympic ice hockey final didn’t affect the participants in the board game club yesterday, we had good attendance. I got to play everything I had planned to, which was nice. While waiting for others to arrive, I played a round of Fjorde with Ilari. It was my first game, but it was a breeze […]

  • Ambition

    Those reading rec.games.board or rec.games.card might have noticed a thread called truth about church’s ambition. It had nothing to do with church, it’s in fact about Mike Church and his card game Ambition. For some reason there’s a flamewar of sorts going on around the game. Why, I have no idea, but the thread, especially […]

  • Die Sieben Siegel

    I reviewed Die Sieben Siegel (in Finnish). Die Sieben Siegel (The Seven Seals) is a trick-taking game (one of these days I should write an introductory article on trick-taking games, in Finnish). In the Card Games classified index it would probably be in the exact bidding group (Spades is not in that group, but is […]

  • Jyväskylä game weekend

    Last weekend in Jyväskylä was good gaming time. As usual, I brought a bunch on games we played a lot. It’s refreshingly different, playing the same games over and over again instead of playing a variety of games just once or twice. I won’t bother with detailed session reports, but here’s a rundown of the […]

  • New translation: Die Sieben Siegel

    A sure sign of me getting new card games: new translations. I wrote a Finnish translation of the rules of Dorra’s Die Sieben Siegel. It looks like a fun game and it’s fairly high on my list of games I haven’t tried yet but sure would love to. Also noted is the appearance of Spiel […]

  • Ordering games

    It’s been a while, but here I am, contemplating an order from Germany. I get free games every month, but I want Geschenkt now, not later. I’m also intrigued by Mogul and Die Sieben Siegel. Of course, buying few small games from Germany just isn’t worth it, so I’ll have to buff the order up […]