Ordering games

It’s been a while, but here I am, contemplating an order from Germany. I get free games every month, but I want Geschenkt now, not later. I’m also intrigued by Mogul and Die Sieben Siegel. Of course, buying few small games from Germany just isn’t worth it, so I’ll have to buff the order up a bit.

So, if you’re a) interested to buy stuff from Adam Spielt soon or b) want a copy of Geschenkt for a moderate price of eight or so euros (plus shipping in Finland, if you’re not from Tampere), let me know.

Update 12/14/04: I asked few people who weren’t interested in ordering anything, so I picked the option b. In few weeks (Christmas season will probably slow down mail delivery somewhat) I should have several extra copies of Geschenkt. Anybody interested?

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2 responses to “Ordering games”

  1. I don’t particularly want an English edition, I just want Geschenkt. I don’t like playing the game with 6 Nimmt cards, but I must (and I’ve done so) until I get the proper game.