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  • Tracon III

    I spent most of my yesterday attending Tracon. Tracon is a yearly convention here in Tampere, this was the third time it was organized. Tracon is mostly about anime, manga and role-playing games. In the first two Tracon’s, I don’t think there was any board game presence, but this time the Finnish Board Game Society […]

  • Pentago

    This review in Finnish Pentago, the Finnish Adult Game of the year for 2006, is a twist on good old naughts and crosses. Players try to form five in a row on a 6×6 grid. That’s fairly boring, but fortunately that’s not all. The twist is in the board, which is divided into quadrants of […]

  • Weekend of Industrial Waste (with some Dvonn)

    I was visiting Jyväskylä last weekend. In addition to some surprisingly pleasing physical work (painting boards and a wall, building scaffolding), we played lots of games. During the years, I’ve introduced several games with variable success. Some have been huge hits (Puerto Rico and St. Petersburg are the most notable examples). Sometimes there have been […]

  • Dvonn

    After a big silence on the game review front, I wrote two reviews yesterday. The second one was Dvonn. Dvonn is neat, like most of the GIPF series. Well, at least Zèrtz and Yinsh. The games are close to perfection, when it comes to modern abstract board games: the rules are simple, yet the games […]

  • New acquisitions: Turbo Taxi and Dvonn

    I got new games today! Turbo Taxi was a must for me, I knew it from the description. After all, I love Ricochet Robot and this one’s right at the same league. Players must assemble a city road network using nine of their twelve pieces (everybody has the same set). There are few limits: the […]

  • Dvonn strategy

    I’m determined to learn Dvonn. Therefore I dug out some strategy guides. There are some basic tips and Alan Kwan’s glossary, both at Project Gipf site. There’s also Joe Gola’s very detailed session report at the Geek. I sure hope these help me improve my game. If I played more of two-player games, Dvonn would […]

  • Little Golem news

    Iain got me playing Dvonn — I’ve been meaning to, but I have lacked motivation. Now I started and hey, it’s a good game. Right now it ranks second in the Project GIPF games, right after Zèrtz. I’m still to finish a game, so my opinion is still slightly vague. Meanwhile, I’ve figured out I […]