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Iain got me playing Dvonn — I’ve been meaning to, but I have lacked motivation. Now I started and hey, it’s a good game. Right now it ranks second in the Project GIPF games, right after Zèrtz. I’m still to finish a game, so my opinion is still slightly vague.

Meanwhile, I’ve figured out I don’t really like Amazons and Twixt isn’t that exciting either. In some way Amazons is a great example of a boring abstract game. Then again, maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet.

And one more Little Golem news tidbit: I didn’t make it. I needed three wins in four games and got two. Bummer, but next time, next time…

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    dl. Amazons:A dynamic, exciting chess like game. You have six queens each. After every move, they shoot an arrow, which moves like a queen and blocks a square permanently. The last person to be able to move wins. I played Mikko twice. …