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  • Math trade results

    Here’s my side of the recent Finnish math trade: I traded 2038 for Days of Steam Bamboleo for Roll through the Ages Epäillyt for Age of Steam: Disco Inferno / Soul Train Fauna for Santiago Fluch der Mumie for Blokus Hornet for Finca Steel Driver for Stephensons Rocket Some of these trades are better than […]

  • Fauna, Nile, Tornado Alert!

    Good day of games today. I finally got Fauna on the table — I had the game a year ago, when I did the translation, but I never played the German version as I wanted to wait for the Finnish edition. Now it was time! And why not, Fauna is a pretty good game. It’s […]

  • Current notes

    I’m a train gamer, yes. I’ve got two Deep Thought games on order and I’m adding third (I’ve got 1826 and 18MEX, I’m adding 1889) and I’m right now in the process of building two more (recently liberated 18EU and the new and curious Japanese 1886). I can also hear 1844 calling for me from […]