Current notes

I’m a train gamer, yes. I’ve got two Deep Thought games on order and I’m adding third (I’ve got 1826 and 18MEX, I’m adding 1889) and I’m right now in the process of building two more (recently liberated 18EU and the new and curious Japanese 1886). I can also hear 1844 calling for me from Germany, I think it’s likely I’ll buy it at some point. We’re moving in few months to an apartment 30 square meters bigger than our current place and I’m kind of hoping the extra space will make it slightly easier to run some longer games every now and then.

My post-Essen game order looks like it might resemble last year quite a bit: a big Splotter game and the Martin Wallace train game. Greed, Incorporated seems pretty nice, though I have to admit Duck Dealer had a better theme. To speak of the game, I still haven’t played it. About time, huh? Last Train to Wensleydale sounds interesting, though I haven’t read the rules or anything. I’m hoping to try before I buy at Helcon.

What else… I haven’t been playing games for a while, and I’m really itching to get some action. I’ve got Fauna, Coast-to-Coast Rails and a pretty hot prototype to try.

Age of Steam — Zombie Apocalypse sounds interesting, but expensive. Still, it seems like a relevant AoS expansion, as it’s by Michael Webb.

In general the new Essen stuff seems relatively uninteresting. Finnish Board Game Society has really good forum discussion on the new games. I haven’t been following BGN lists this year, but the forum notes on new games are generally even better. Endeavor is getting interesting affection — it’s a short one, that’s always a bonus. I’ll try this one at Helcon, definitely. Peloponnes might be fun.

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