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  • Large group games: Werewolf and Attribute

    I spent Wednesday and Thursday on a cruise to Stockholm with the other writers from Enter magazine. There was some official programme, but the evenings were reserved for games. I was asked to bring games, as was Hanna, the other board gamer in Enter writers. I had underestimated the size of the group, so we […]

  • Fluxx

    I wrote a review of Fluxx. Finnish readers can go and read it. Fluxx is a very simple game to teach. The rules are “Draw one card from the deck, play one card from your hand”. That’s it. No victory conditions or anything useless like that. The point is that almost every card changes the […]

  • Wednesday games: Fluxx, Sticheln, Bohnanza

    Because I’m trying to spend my time doing something else than studying, I got this idea of weekly game afternoon. I chose afternoon, because Johanna is lucky and has a job and thus isn’t home and I can then be back home when she is. The first of these Wednesday meetings was today and it […]