Wednesday games: Fluxx, Sticheln, Bohnanza

Because I’m trying to spend my time doing something else than studying, I got this idea of weekly game afternoon. I chose afternoon, because Johanna is lucky and has a job and thus isn’t home and I can then be back home when she is. The first of these Wednesday meetings was today and it was attended by two other lazy gamers (and fourth came for a quick visit).

After testing the Prototype Game we played Fluxx. It’s fun when played occasionally and this time wasn’t different. The game was over soon enough and I won (we had Draw 4, Play 1 for a while and then came Draw 5 — well, I drew “at least 10 cards wins” Goal and won). Which was nice. Fluxx isn’t a bad game, but it is a strange game.

Three of us playing, only card games available. The obvious choice was Sticheln which is probably my favourite three-player card game. Olli caught up the twists of the game pretty quickly, Vesa was a bit slower. I played the last two rounds really badly, thus losing the game to Olli. Vesa was way behind us, but he did take -15 on the first turn before he figured out how the game works.

Bohnanza box

Bohnanza was a bit more even. When the scores were counted, Olli and Vesa had 18 and I had 17. Darn. Bohnanza really isn’t the best possible three-player game, I think. More players means more trading opportunities means more fun.

Last, we had to play a quick game. 6 nimmt! was an obvious choice. I hardly explained the rules and off we went. We had time to play four rounds, after which I had almost the 66 points needed. I was in the lead after three rounds, but the last round went really badly and I lost. Darn again. Olli won yet again.

That’s it. I would’ve hoped for more people (to play Tichu, mostly), but three was fine. Maybe we’ll have more next time — at least there are several people who are interested and who might have free time. Next week we’ll be hopefully playing my new games

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