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  • Gang of Four and Choh Dai Di

    Gang of Four claims to be the number one card game in Asia. Well, that might or might not be the case, but it’s origins do lie in the Oriental game Choh Dai Di, which is played on a regular deck. I think Gang of Four is a good version of Choh Dai Di, because […]

  • Go and Gang of Three

    As typical, we played Go. I played ten games, mostly pretty fast 13×13 which is the greatest fun in those surroundings. I won quite a few of them, too. As our these days mandatory card game, we played Gang of Four. We played a six-round game with three players, and it was quite fun. Despite […]

  • Gang of Four

    I tried Gang of Four today, at the game web site. It was pretty fun and as with Queen’s Necklace the system worked well. The game was pretty much as I expected: an easier version of Tichu. The problems are pretty much the same, how to empty your hand as fast as possible being the […]

  • Day of Wonder

    I did my first live TV bit today. It was fun, we talked about board games. It was quite light, just five-ten minutes or so and therefore didn’t delve deep into the subject, but still, I had a good time and I think board games got a bit of good publicity. Then I visited Safe […]