Tag: homemade

  • Black Vienna

    I was so intrigued by Black Vienna that I decided to make my own copy (there’s no way I’m paying 60 euros for the game). Instead of using the cards available at the Geek, I made my own cards. I didn’t like the pictures and the font used and besides, the colour cards wouldn’t look […]

  • Project Funkenschlag

    I haven’t even played Funkenschlag yet, but I’m determined to create a better map for it. The plastic map and the crayons are just too annoying. Today I did some tests to figure out how to make a better map. To be more precise, what material to use to cover the printed map which I […]

  • Boardgame club meeting: Puerto Rico, Die Händler, Carcassonne: H&G

    The last meeting for this year of the Tampere University board game club was yesterday. We had a nice amount of people playing lots of different games. The Game of the Year -award was given to Puerto Rico (last year’s winner was Carcassonne) and the finals of the Spirit of the Game -tournament was played. […]

  • Do-it-yourself games: Bluff

    I played Bluff (aka Call the Bluff aka Liar’s Dice aka Perudo) for the first time last Sunday and thought it to be a game that I would want to own. However, instead of paying lots of money (at least over 20 euros) for the game that consists of some dice, cups and a board, […]