Do-it-yourself games: Bluff

I played Bluff (aka Call the Bluff aka Liar’s Dice aka Perudo) for the first time last Sunday and thought it to be a game that I would want to own. However, instead of paying lots of money (at least over 20 euros) for the game that consists of some dice, cups and a board, I could create my own set cheaper.

Because I’m a semi-perfectionist, I bought new dice for the game. 30 identical, small white plastic dice cost me 9 euros. I could’ve probably scrounged my other games for the required amount of dice, but then again the result would have been a mess of different-looking dice and lots of games without dice. Then I printed the rules. I don’t think I’ll need a board, people should be able to remember what the current bid is. If there’s a need, drawing up a simple board shouldn’t be too complicated a task.

Now all I need is some cups. I believe some paper coffee cups will do the trick for me — I could buy some nice plastic cups too, if I found cheap and non-transparent ones somewhere. I haven’t found them yet, and I’m happy with paper cups. They might actually be slightly less noisy than the original plastic cups. Also, they are very cost effective — for one euro I get all the cups I need and some replacements too (or perhaps potential for accommodating extra players).

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3 responses to “Do-it-yourself games: Bluff”

  1. Re: the Game of Bluff aka “Liars Dice”
    here in the Arrogant ol United States.
    I am currently developing My Own Version of this game as well as 4 others. And I am DESPERATLY SEARCHING FOR QUALITY DICE CUPS.
    I am Not a Semi Perfectionist. I am a full out bonafide 100% Sadistic Perfectionist and I want Dice Cups made of ridgid plastic almost exactly like YAHTZEE or Milton Bradleys version of “Liars Dice” anybody have any leads or suggestions, or that wishes to Invest in My Project, please contact me at or visit my web site I have been quoted $6, 000 US dollars for a european company to MFG the cups to my specs, but before I do this I want to exhaust all possible avenues to Find Standard Stock Cups… Any Help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Steve

  2. hi steve,
    we are publisher of children games in thailand and been looking for cheap dices around the world, if you still looking for help for your game please contact me.

  3. Hi — I have this Hand Game which is by Radicar
    called Liar’s Dice
    It has only two dice in it and would love to
    have somebody explain to me how this is played.
    Thanks, Elaine