Black Vienna

I was so intrigued by Black Vienna that I decided to make my own copy (there’s no way I’m paying 60 euros for the game). Instead of using the cards available at the Geek, I made my own cards. I didn’t like the pictures and the font used and besides, the colour cards wouldn’t look good when printed in black and white anyway. My cards feature just letters, big old plain letters. Very minimalistic, but that’s the way I like it. They are also just the right size (six by eight and a half centimeters) to fit in card protectors. I won’t probably post my set to Geek, but if someone is interested, I can e-mail the PDF.

I also noticed we had played few things wrong last weekend. Getting those mistakes right should make the game slightly better, I guess. That remains to be seen — hopefully I’ll get to test my deck soon. Then I’ll just have to hope that my friends like deduction games, because it’s certainly a genre that divides opinions. Black Vienna has a standard deviation of 1.91 at the Geek… That’s fairly heavy.

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2 responses to “Black Vienna”

  1. I’ve been interested in Black Vienna for a long time. Please send me the PDF. I’ll have to get some card protectors. What type do you recommend?

  2. I was quite intrigued by the game myself and I printed a copy for me too. I printed the version that’s available on the geek and it turned out to look just fine in black&white… then again, I kind of liked the pictures and the font was ok too IMO. The cards also seem to fit the card protectors just nicely.