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  • SNCF, Innovation, Cartouche

    I’ve had to skip the Wednesday games every week during October, but this week I managed to participate — to witness a huge crowd of gamers. Well, huge and huge, but we did have four tables playing games at the same time, which is rare. SNCF. This quick train game from this year’s Winsome set […]

  • Back to the Future and Innovation

    My brother gave me a copy of Back to the Future: The Card Game. It’s a new version of Chrononauts and it’s done by Andrew Looney and the Looney Labs. Not my kind of game, then, but an interesting surprise. Reading the rules and checking out the cards confirmed my doubts: this is a random […]

  • Shopping – final list

    Here’s what I ended up getting this season: Winsome Essen set. Almost missed this, but fortunately everything’s now secure. I’m most interested in SNCF, which should be sweet, but Texas & Pacific is also interesting. West Riding Revisited less so, as I didn’t fancy the old West Riding and I don’t really need more long […]

  • Recent games

    Space Hulk: Death Angel. I played couple of two-player games with my brother. In the first game we were severely beaten. We then tried playing the game removing the restriction on actions, allowing the same action to be taken several times in a row. Turns out the difficulty of the game is very much caused […]

  • Shopping

    I’ve started the Fall game shopping season. So far I’ve got copies of Dominion: Prosperity and 7 Wonders coming as soon as the Finnish editions are available. These are must have, and fortunately published by friendly folks at Lautapelit.fi. No trouble getting them, that is. I’m sort of tempted by the limited edition of 7 […]