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  • Game weekend at Tommy’s, day one

    We’re having another game weekend at Tommy’s. Tommy prepared for the weekend by buying some of the more interesting Nürnburg games, so we’ve had plenty of interesting games to try. Friday was an effective evening of games, from 18:30 to 1:30, with some interference from sauna and eating. Yesterday’s line-up was me, Tommy and Ari […]

  • Weekend gaming session, Saturday

    Saturday was a fun-filled day of gaming as well. Tommy’s brother Miikka joined us. He’s not a gamer the way we are, but likes to play games. We kicked the day off with a four-player game of Attika, a well-known favourite. It was a tough match, which I was finally able to win by connecting […]

  • HelCon II — Friday

    I started the HelCon II experience on Friday. The event began Saturday, but I since I was coming from a longer distance, arriving on Friday was a good idea so I could meet Tommy and Laura sooner. Evening was well spent at the Ryytty residence, filled with games, food, sauna and idle chatter. They had […]

  • The Games Journal

    New issue of The Games Journal. This issue features untypical Essen raport from Mark Johnson, continuation from previous articles (Jonathan Degann’s second installment in his series of game theory is particularly sweet), letters and reviews of Mystery of the Abbey and Isis & Osiris.

  • Boardgame club last Sunday: Princes of Florence, Wildlife

    I had a very pleasant board game club meeting last Sunday. Few new games, old favourites and nice people! What more can you wish for? While waiting for more players, I forced Ville to teach me Falling, the crazy Cheapass real-time card game where you try to be the last player to hit the ground. […]

  • Boardgame club meeting: Puerto Rico, Die Händler, Carcassonne: H&G

    The last meeting for this year of the Tampere University board game club was yesterday. We had a nice amount of people playing lots of different games. The Game of the Year -award was given to Puerto Rico (last year’s winner was Carcassonne) and the finals of the Spirit of the Game -tournament was played. […]