Boardgame club last Sunday: Princes of Florence, Wildlife

I had a very pleasant board game club meeting last Sunday. Few new games, old favourites and nice people! What more can you wish for?

While waiting for more players, I forced Ville to teach me Falling, the crazy Cheapass real-time card game where you try to be the last player to hit the ground. It was fun, even though it definitely needs more than the two players we had.

Then we started the first major game. I had two early registrations for an introductory game of Princes of Florence and got two more newbies to join us. It was sort of fun — my goal is to play more PoF this year, remember — but the game took a bit too long to be really enjoyable. Princes is a good game, but not if it takes over two hours. Those crazy mathematicians, always calculating everything… Notable is that I, for the first time in my life, did not buy a single Jester. Well, I lost, even though I built my city almost full. One work and two good Prestige cards simply isn’t enough.

Next I got five players to join me for a game of Wildlife. Six-player game was good — a bit too much downtime, but I felt like I had some control in the game, which was nice. I’ll definitely play the game again with six players, even though I might prefer it with less.

After that I didn’t have time for longer games (so no Goldland this time, either), but I played my latest short-game favourite Isis & Osiris which was, yet again, excellent fun. Finally, I tried a new game and played Cartagena. That was also a pleasant experience, a race game without dice is always good news.

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