The Games Journal

New issue of The Games Journal. This issue features untypical Essen raport from Mark Johnson, continuation from previous articles (Jonathan Degann’s second installment in his series of game theory is particularly sweet), letters and reviews of Mystery of the Abbey and Isis & Osiris.

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4 responses to “The Games Journal”

  1. To me too this is an atypical cool fair report written by an Essen rookie who obviously managed to walk the halls well disciplined, withstanding all the “limited editions” and especiallly the huge used games marked. Over the years I saw many novices loosing control over their buys ending up heavily overloaded….
    BUT: Mark, you are very right in your approaches..or was it just your nongaming wife to help keeping your self-possession?

  2. No, I would’ve had almost the same restraint without her there. I’m finding myself a lot less excited by the “newness” of Essen releases. I’m very happy to play all of the older games I’ve already got–especially when there are several unplayed games still in my collection. I can easily wait for opinions to settle down on everything else.
    Although, if I had more suitcase room I would’ve bought more odd used games, just to try them out.
    It also helps that I have access to a network of friends with good-sized game collections. So I don’t need to own something in order to play it–there’s a good chance I’ll get to play it in the next year if I’m patient, wait for the right SoCal Games Day, etc.