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  • Games of 2003

    Here it is — the fabled games of 2003 overview (see the 2002 report). Enjoy. As it turned out, I played some games after I had posted this on mailing lists, but fortunately the data is still correct… It’s always interesting to make this list, though it’s also quite annoying to try to select a […]

  • Mare Nostrum + Space Beans

    (Later addition: this is entry #200! Neat!) I just noticed I didn’t play a single real-time game during the whole May! Well, June started well: yesterday was the last meeting of board game club this Spring. Unfortunately I played only two games. First thing I played was Mare Nostrum. It almost was the only thing […]

  • Mare Nostrum

    I played my first game of Mare Nostrum yesterday. Johanna wanted to play, as she’s (like me) a big fan of the Civilization computer game. As there were only two of us, we both had to play two civilizations to get enough players. I chose Carthage and Babylonia, Johanna had Rome and Egypt. I knew […]

  • New games!

    My collection grew by two games today, when I picked up Mare Nostrum and Acquire from the post office. Both were donated by Puolenkuun pelit as a payment for using my board game articles at their web site. Thanks to them! Mare Nostrum looks quite cool, I just haven’t been able to try it out […]