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  • Living with a baby

    I’m keeping my personal life out of this blog most of the time, but now I can’t help myself: it’s been fun living with a baby! Nooa is a sweet boy. He’s a month and a day old today, and already starting to smile at us and support his head all by himself. Soon he’ll…

  • It’s a boy!

    My son was born today, just seven minutes past midnight. He’s small, cute and seems to enjoy sleeping quite a lot. I don’t know what to say, it was simply an amazing experience seeing the birth and the first few moments, my son and his mother together. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

  • The most important release in 2006

    Despite all the interesting games lined up for a release this year (and there are plenty of good ones, particularly in Finnish), there’s still one which is more than head and shoulders above the rest. Well, I’m not actually sure if it’s a completely new one; I think it’s more like an expansion. However, it’s…