The most important release in 2006

Despite all the interesting games lined up for a release this year (and there are plenty of good ones, particularly in Finnish), there’s still one which is more than head and shoulders above the rest. Well, I’m not actually sure if it’s a completely new one; I think it’s more like an expansion. However, it’s a major expansion, as it transforms the basic game to a whole new level — or that’s what I’m hoping for.

The current deadline for release is June 9th, though it’s possible that the release is postponed for a week or two. It might be published prematurely before that, but I hope that’s not the case. It’s a delicate project that really needs to be fully developed when it comes it. I’m anxious waiting for it to come out, you can bet I’m a nervous wreck when the deadline gets closer!

I don’t know many details yet, there’s little information available. I know the basic system should be solid and functional, but most of the details are bit hazy yet. I also know figuring out the system will take a long time; I expect to find new features after years of experience. It should be a really interesting experience, this one! Even my wife is very excited about it! She’s been more actively following the development than I have, actually.

There’s more information available at the Geek, check out the review!

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13 responses to “The most important release in 2006”

  1. Onneksi olkoon, Mikko.
    Mulla on kaksi lasta, Lauri (2v.) ja Linnea (5v.), valtavan rakkaita molemmat.
    Meillä on sellainen juttu ollut nyt Linnean kanssa iltaisin, ennen nukkumaan menoa, että joko luemme jonkun kirjan tai pelaamme jonkun pelin. Linnea valitsee 50/50, mutta viime aikoina enemmän pelejä.
    Aluksi pelasimme Carcassonnea ilman maanviljelijöitä, mihin äitikin mielellään osallistui. Sitten pelasimme parina iltana ihan katkoa, normaalilla korttipakalla. Linnea teki vaikutuksen minuun sillä, kuinka nopeasti hän oppi kortit ja maat, yms. Sitten eBaysta tilaamani Mhing tuli — kiitos suosittelemisesi — ja opetin piruuttani tytölle sen. Parin jaon jälkeen siitä tuli hänen lempparipelinsä. Hän pelaa toki avoimin kortein, mutta aivan järkevästi, keräen kolmen suorituksia, pitäen pareista kiinni ja heittäen pois vain sellaisia kortteja, joilla `ei ole kavereita’. Kukkakortit ovat hänelle erityisen rakkaita.
    Valtavan fiksu tyttö meidän Linnea. Seuraavaksi opetan hänelle Aavikon karavaanit, kunhan Saksan lähetys tulee.

  2. Congratulations! Sometimes the release dates tend to slip, but it’s always worth it in the end…

  3. Congratulations! It is a very exciting and nerve wracking time. I recently picked up this “expansion” myself, just 5 months ago. Definitely a change from the basic game, but a huge improvement. (Not that I could go back if I wanted to.)
    As others have probably already mentioned, sleep now, as you won’t have much time for it afterwards. I’m still tired.

  4. It’s lots of fun, but there are a ton of ambiguities in the rules. I’ve had my copy six years and I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

  5. I hope this release is all you are hoping for. Don’t be put off if the rules seem a little frustrating at first. Even if it does take a lifetime to master, you’ll have loads of fun along the way.

  6. In other news…

    I also cheer on my fellow library workers made good. In that spirit, be sure to check out Mikko’s news about an upcoming release set for early June.

  7. Do not advice Mikko to sleep … Tell him to play as many different games as he can … because … once the new game is released, he will be playing only that game, again and again.
    I am currious … what is the replayability of that game? 🙂

  8. You’re a little late coming to this one. I’ve been playing my copies for 25 years, and still exploring new strategies and finding new pitfalls. But beware, it’s a huge money sink — even worse than a CCG.

  9. I have two copies of this, and my gaming partner and I have decided that we will stop there, and not get swept up into the collecting mania.
    I’ve decided this game is a form of viral marketing, since the base game has so many expansions — even whole games as expansions.

  10. Congratulations! What is the planned marketing budget for this game? Will the publisher have a booth at Essen 2006? I believe thorough playtesting has been made? When will the first strategy articles be available. Is it true that this game will have a secret sound module?!