Tag: odd games

  • Nacht der Magier

    I played a game of Nacht der Magier with Johanna yesterday. We played in light; it was nice to see the game worked well without the darkness effect. It’s better in the dark, but fine in light. Thus, a review in Finnish. Nacht der Magier, Magician’s Night, has a rare gimmick. The game is played […]

  • Alien City

    Iain challenged me for a game of Alien City (the Piecepack Wiki page has rules) at Super Duper Games. Alien City is a close relative of Fresh Fish (and as a result, Fresh Fish suddenly feels a lot less unique). In both games, a road network forms on the board as a result of players’ […]

  • Fresh Fish

    Here’s the 100th review of my Finnish site: Fresh Fish. Fresh Fish is a neat game. I like it a lot. It’s a tile placement game, but with a twist: rarely is a tile-placement game so focused on the squares where the tiles are not placed! The goal of the game is to connect one’s […]

  • Four Dragons or Dia de los Muertos

    I wrote a review of Four Dragons (and Dia de los Muertos). It’s the first review I’ve written with my new game review content management system I built to make writing reviews easier. As you might already know, Four Dragons is a reincarnation of Frank Branham’s self-published Dia de los Muertos. The rules have been […]

  • Mental dexterity games

    Mindball stretches definitions. It looks like a dexterity game, but instead of your muscles, you control the ball with your brains. In order to move the ball (or the magnets controlling the ball) towards your opponents end, you must relax. The system monitors Alpha and Theta waves of the brains and whoever chills out most […]