Alien City

Iain challenged me for a game of Alien City (the Piecepack Wiki page has rules) at Super Duper Games.

Alien City is a close relative of Fresh Fish (and as a result, Fresh Fish suddenly feels a lot less unique). In both games, a road network forms on the board as a result of players’ moves and constricts future moves. The goals are similar, as well — try to connect certain buildings with each other.

In Alien City, you’re trying to connect towers to domes and towers of different colours within two steps on the road. That score is multiplied by the distance to the nearest tower of same colour. Of course, Iain spoiled my towers by building same-coloured towers next to them, while at the same time building his towers up to 26 spaces away from the nearest towers. No surprise, then, that he crushed me.

It’s a mind-bending game. I like it a lot. It makes me feel like owning an Icehouse set would be a good move. I’ll take one or two challenges on Super Duper Games, if anybody’s interested to try the game.

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3 responses to “Alien City”

  1. Mikko, I set up a challenge for you. I’m happy to give a couple of strategy tips, too — never place a tower when an opponent can place one next to or near by it, thus reducing its scoring potential. Also, in many circumstances it is not a good idea to put 2 domes on a red, green or blue tile — this opens up the tile for placing any color tower which can really hurt you. In general, the early game is placing domes, the mid game domes and maybe some towers, the end game some domes but mainly towers. This is all, of course, my own opinion.

  2. An interesting thing about Alien City is that Mike designed it and had never played or heard of Fresh Fish as far as I know.