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  • Gaming Year 2021

    Covid-19. The pandemic got better, and I got the vaccine shots. I returned to the board game cafe meetings in June. Things have become much better. The number of games I played dropped significantly from 2020: from 753 to 481. In hours, I went from 339 to 266. The main reason for this is Nooa,…

  • Goal for 2011

    I’m working on the gaming year 2010 report (it’s a long one, this year, so don’t expect it any time soon), which brings me to 2011. I’ve got a goal set up for 2011: I’m finally going to get that Golden Image Uploader badge at BoardGameGeek. Getting the badge requires 100 pictures, each with at…

  • Photographed!

    I was photographed yesterday in the board game club: Left is Hannu, right is me — we’re playing Le Truc. In the picture you can see my refined shuffling technique (and the beautiful wall decor of our board game dungeon; thank heavens the picture is in black-and-white).

  • Funny Fisherman

    As promised to Iain (see his blog), I present you the Funny Fisherman: On the left, the Funny Fisherman is contemplating his catch while longing for more fish. On the right, he is seen sorting out his lines, searching for more fish — is he ever satisfied? No! He always wants more, more and more!…

  • Essen pictures

    Last night I went and uploaded my pictures, which can be found in my Essen 2005 photo gallery. It’s a small set of 80 or so pictures, but at least it’ll give you some picture of what was going on. Have fun!

  • Helcon report

    Tommy posted a nice Helcon report on his website. It’s in Finnish, but English readers can at least take a look at pictures. Few picks: Yours truly studying the rules to Mall World, a very cryptic Sleuth note sheet, Robert, the girls and a game (two out of three are pretty, guess which two) and…

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. Spot the Component 1.0 is a tough game piece id puzzle. I think I have eight to ten figured out — of 32! Getting more right would take some investigation.

  • Yours truly at Madeira

    Here’s a picture of me at Madeira. Our hotel had, in addition to a tennis court, table tennis, two swimming pools and a spa, some nice little outdoors Chess equipment. We didn’t play, but I did pose for a picture one evening. As for my clothes, well, we were heading for the hotel restaurant which…

  • HelCon II + others

    I posted some HelCon II pictures at my gallery. There are also some pictures of Finstere Flure, Attika, Amun-Re, Age of Steam and Tigris & Euphrates, all taken at HelCon.

  • Crokinole pictures

    I uploaded some Crokinole pictures. Here’s a bonus picture of my Crokinole board for the readers of this blog.