Goal for 2011

Golden Image Uploader microbadgeI’m working on the gaming year 2010 report (it’s a long one, this year, so don’t expect it any time soon), which brings me to 2011. I’ve got a goal set up for 2011: I’m finally going to get that Golden Image Uploader badge at BoardGameGeek.

Getting the badge requires 100 pictures, each with at least three thumbs. I’ve got something like 70 pictures that meet the criteria. So, not much… I could of course beg people to give my old photos some thumbs, but that would be the sucker’s way.

So, I’m going to shoot more photos and make them good enough to really earn the badge. I just got a new DSLR (Canon EOS 550D) and I’m in general going to learn to take better photos, so this is a bit of a subtask there. Board games have always been my favourite subject to photograph (kids being the other favourite), so it works out just fine.

Here’s my first go with the new camera:

Red wizard from the Magic Labyrinth
Red wizard from the Magic Labyrinth.

I took a bunch of neat Magic Labyrinth photos with some fairly cool shallow depth of field, but unfortunately those photos had a chit on the board and it was just out of the focus, so they looked horrible. With the chit in focus, they’d been sweet. So, more shooting is necessary.

I’m also posting my game photos to Flickr. I’ll add them to a Board Game Photos set, so follow that if you’re interested in my progress. Comments from fellow photographers are most welcome.

Would you be interested in seeing photo entries in this blog? I suppose I could do that as well, if you’re interested.

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6 responses to “Goal for 2011”

  1. I’d be especially interested in seeing good photos games laid out during play. I’m not too interested in the arty macro shots, but hey… :o)

  2. Yes, go ahead. The photos are Creative Commons -licensed, as BY-NC if I remember correctly, so you can use them as long as you credit me and don’t use them for commercial purposes (and I’m not as strict about the commercial use as some folks are, using the photos in a blog with AdSense ads is fine, for example).