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  • Definition of skill in games

    Dutch professor Ben van der Genugten has created a formula for calculating the skill level of a game. He has used it in Dutch courts to help determine that fantasy sports games are games of skill and now he’s using it to argue that poker is a game of skill, too. (See Leading Professor Rekindles […]

  • Jonathan Schaeffer and Duplicate Poker

    I was scouring the web for interesting Poker news (that’s what I do for living these days) and I bumped into a familiar name. There’s a Man vs Machine Poker Championship coming, where two human Poker pros will play against Polaris, a Poker computer program. In the end of the article I read, they interview […]

  • On The Spot Games

    Yesterday I got a bunch of games from On The Spot Games. All the games are designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker, and aimed towards somewhat mass-market crowd, I’d say — they are very simple games, some definitely aimed for the party game audience, others for couples or families. I already tried Kotsuku, which […]

  • Havoc: The Hundred Years War

    Here’s a review some of my readers have been waiting for: Havoc: The Hundred Years War. That’s the Finnish review, here’s my opinion in English: I first played Havoc: The Hundred Years War at the Sunriver Games demo table in Essen 2005. It was on my list of games to check out and I enjoyed […]

  • Making a very small fortune playing Poker

    I’ve been playing online Poker recently. It’s one of those things I’ve been thinking about. I ended up not doing it originally — I would be happy to play play money games at one site, until I could make profit with that. Which didn’t look like happening. Well, then came Christmas and a 10 euro […]

  • Games weekend in Jyväskylä: Mhing!

    I visited Jyväskylä last weekend and played quite a few games. I had just few games with me, so the games were repeated more than usually. That’s different and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it. Lost Cities: I brought a brand-new Finnish copy of the game as a mother’s day gift and ended up […]

  • Club meeting

    Board game club gathered yesterday to play some games. I was actually rather satisfied with the games I played, I managed to play just about everything I set out to play. We started with San Marco. I’d like to try the game with three players, but once again we had four. It doesn’t matter, because […]

  • Fun and games for Christmas

    Another attitude towards games: I had great fun playing Poker with my girlfriend yesterday. We play for Go stones, as I have plenty of those, and the way we play would probably make most Poker experts hilariously insane. Yesterday we tried out a new variant, inspired by a very silly strip poker program in TV. […]