Fun and games for Christmas

Another attitude towards games:

I had great fun playing Poker with my girlfriend yesterday. We play for Go stones, as I have plenty of those, and the way we play would probably make most Poker experts hilariously insane.

Yesterday we tried out a new variant, inspired by a very silly strip poker program in TV. No, we didn’t strip, even though that probably would’ve been fun. Instead, I dealed two open and common cards for the table and three cards for both of us. One exchange, and then whoever has better hand when combined with the open cards wins. That was a stupid variant.

So, we went back to basics. Five cards, one exchange. However, that’s not the main idea. Neither is winning lots of tokens. The main point of the whole exercise is to gather as many tokens as possible for Johanna and have as much of fun as possible while doing it. So, if the stakes are high and it turns out I have a better hand and would thus win lots of tokens, oops, it turns out that in a situation, where one player has a pair of Aces and a pair of tens, and the other player has a pair of Jacks and a pair of sixes, then the winner is actually the player with a seven. And that’s Johanna, even though I had a seven, too. She had a better one 😉

So, that’s far from serious, and these Poker games of ours are probably the funniest games I’ve ever played.

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