Making a very small fortune playing Poker

I’ve been playing online Poker recently. It’s one of those things I’ve been thinking about. I ended up not doing it originally — I would be happy to play play money games at one site, until I could make profit with that. Which didn’t look like happening.

Well, then came Christmas and a 10 euro Christmas bonus from Pokerium, where I had registered earlier. That changed things! With no my money at the stake, I was more than happy to try the world of online Texas Hold’Em.

I’ve played for a while new, few quick sessions. It’s been nice. I play 10/20 cent fixed tables, where playing tight is quite enough for doing well. After today’s session my account shows €15.64, a whopping 56% profit on the original €10. Nice.

If I have time, I think I’ll try some cheap one euro entrance fee tournaments, but that’s tricky, as it might take an hour or two and finding that time isn’t always simple. But even short sessions can be fun, as long as you play two tables at the same time (otherwise I might get bored and play bad hands and lose money).

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