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  • Dragonball Z preview

    I got a starter pack of Dragonball Z collectible card game — I’m to write a Finnish translation of the rules. The game seems rather daft: the players attack each other until one drops. Or until one player collects enough anger or a complete set of Dragonballs. Still, the about C5-sized rule book has about […]

  • Wildlife preview

    As mentioned before, I bought Wildlife Friday and managed to play it the same night. Here’s my preview, based on that one game. The main reason why I bought Wildlife was the cheap price. Reason why I chose Wildlife instead of other cheap games was mostly the name of Wolfgang Kramer on the cover. I […]

  • Canal Grande preview

    I played my first games of Canal Grande last weekend and here’s a quick review based on those games. First of all, I should say I’m not familiar with San Marco, so I’m not biased either way in that regard. For a start, the cards are very ugly. The backs are hideous and the pictures […]

  • Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers preview

    So, today I had the first opportunity to try the new Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers. There are quite a few changes from the basic game, but it’s still definitely the same game. Cities have turned in to forests. They are quite similar, however, there’s an interesting incentive to close other people’s forests. If a forest […]

  • Villa Paletti preview

    I bought Villa Paletti, the 2002 Spiel des Jahres winner for few reasons. Biggest one is probably that I happened to see it at a department store when I was looking for a birthday gift for my girlfriend. I didn’t buy it right away, but went back the next day… Also, as it won the […]

  • Tantrix preview

    I didn’t expect to play any games during the weekend (I was visiting my parents, as it’s my birthday next week), but my mother had a new Tantrix set which I had to try. It’s a game of connections. The hexagonal tiles feature coloured lines, three colours each. There’s a total of four colours in […]

  • Die Macher preview

    Finally I have it. I left work earlier Friday so I could run to the post office and get it. I couldn’t wait and opened the game already at the railway station. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I finally had it… I haven’t played it yet, but I think I’ll say a word or two […]