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  • Lands of Galzyr

    Lands of Galzyr by Sami Laakso and Seppo Kuukasjärvi, launched on Gamefound by Snowdale Design in 2021. The campaign draft can be found here. Snowdale Design loaned me a preview copy. I’ve previewed all previous Snowdale Design games, but I’ve also purchased every one of them afterwards. Elevator pitch: Narrative adventuring in a persistent open […]

  • First look at Ubongo Extrem

    I picked up Ubongo Extrem from the post office today. It’s rather neat! The basic idea remains, but the puzzles are now much harder! The tiles are made of small hexagons, three to five per tile on most tiles. Three-tile puzzles are still fairly simple, but the four-tile puzzles are now downright fiendish. Even the […]

  • Margin for Error preview

    I got a copy of Margin for Error, the first game from Sagely Games, to test. Unfortunately I can’t see myself having an opportunity to test the game in near future, so I thought I’d write a bit of a preview based on the rules. The game is familiar enough, so I’m quite confident of […]

  • Memoir ’44 goes Pacific

    Memoir ’44: Pacific Theatre is coming! The rules (pdf) are already available. Here’s a short list of what new the game will contain: Japanese troops are superb. They don’t retreat — they always ignore one retreat flag extra. In caves they ignore all retreat flags. When doing a Close Assault with a full-strength unit, they […]

  • First comments on Mykerinos

    I got a review copy of Mykerinos today. Designed by Nicholas Oury, it’s the latest release from Ystari. My copy is the Scandinavian edition from Lautapelit.fi, which is a nice touch. Mykerinos is about archeological digs in Egypt, but basically it’s a fairly simple area majority game. Players play influence tokens on lots in Egypt, […]

  • Preview of Tempus

    I got to take a look at the rules of Tempus, and it sure looks pretty good. My first impression is Vinci with just one civilization for each player, but that’s a very brutal approximation. The game is mostly about Lebensraum, building up your empire, one people token at the time. The citizens procreate and […]

  • DVD Sudoku preview

    My entry on DVD Sudoku puzzled Alfred in one his Best of Blogosphere reports (I’m seeing my entries mentioned often enough, by the way — thanks for that, Alfred). So, maybe I should give more details, now that I was able to try the game? The box contains a board, 81 cardboard tiles, two-page rules […]

  • Railroad Tycoon

    I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time now, but with three or so jobs and other commitments, I just haven’t had the energy or time. I’ll have a lot to say.. But here’s for now: Railroad Tycoon is officially really cool. I’m a fan. Both of Railroad Tycoon, the computer game (I […]

  • Antiquity is here!

    Antiquity arrived, finally! It had taken a detour, visiting three Tampere post offices when it should’ve come through just two. That’s why I didn’t get it last week… Well, that’s all behind, now I can enjoy having the game around and that’s all that matters. First thoughts: oh, it’s huge! Oh, it’s full of counters! […]

  • Board game club session: Attribute, Australia

    We had a rather pleasant board game club session yesterday. Since Johanna was away on a cruise with her friends, I played until midnight with the last enthusiasts. It was fun, though a bit too late perhaps to be done on regular basis. This session report will be in pieces, because there were so many […]