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  • 1889 and 1825U1 over

    Finished couple of PBEM games. 1825 Unit 1 was a curious game. We ran out of trains and GWR was totally stuck — it was in receivership, but since we ran out of trains, there was nothing to lease and nothing to buy, so there was really no way to get it out of receivership. […]

  • 1860 ps18xx PBEM finished

    My first ps18xx game ended today. 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight, against Ed Rustin. I won. The start was good: Ed paid £180 in the opening auction, while I paid only £90. I got IOW, Ed got C&N, two privates each. In stock round 2, I had enough money to start IWNJ, and […]

  • Ropecon 2011

    I’ve been avoiding Ropecon for the last ten years or so, but since I missed both JunaCon and JyCon — both more interesting cons for various reasons — I decided to go for Ropecon this year. It’d be a day trip to Espoo, meaning two hours or so of driving both ways and about eight […]