Sunda to Sahul pictures

I took some pictures of Sunda to Sahul, they are available at my photo site. If you haven’t seen the game, go take a look because it’s pretty! No doubt it’s the best self-published game I’ve ever seen. Though, I noticed the scoring board had warped quite badly in a short time. That’s a minor consern, as all scoring happens in the end of the game and thus the board isn’t really necessary.

I’ve been trying to form an opinion about the game. I love the puzzles, that’s for sure! I did two of the easiest puzzles yesterday (and two of the pictures are actually the solutions) and tried the harder puzzles. Those take a lot more work, I noticed…

I haven’t been able to play it much, however. I’d like to try the simultaneous game, I’m expecting quite a lot from it. I’m trying to assemble some sort of meeting for Thursday. I’m also going to take the game with me next time I go visit my parents. My mother and her partner like jig-saw puzzles, Carcassonne and Tantrix so I’m quite sure they’ll enjoy Sunda to Sahul as well.

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