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  • Thursday session: Tower of Babel, Razzia!

    We had a slow Thursday session, just four players — the university Autumn break is probably slowing things down a bit. Last week was quiet as well, I hear. Maybe next week’ll be better? Tower of Babel… Well, it’s a good game. My play sucked, I thought I was doing well but I wasn’t, but […]

  • Need for games

    I don’t really want new games right now. I’m somewhat unaware of the new Nürnberg titles — I know names, but little else. I know I want San Juan (and I have already made plans to get it without paying) and Hansa certainly seems to combine many positive aspects in one game, but that’s it. […]

  • Ra

    I wanted to play some games this morning. I first went to check out the Gang of Four web site, but I was the only player present there. Thus I went to Brettspielwelt. I couldn’t find any games of Puerto Rico or Attika, so I settled with Ra. I won the first game. My first […]

  • Board game club: Sunda to Sahul, Löwenherz, Union Pacific

    We had another pleasant meeting of the Board game club last Sunday. A typical crowd of about 15-20 people visited during the several hours of gaming. At the best we had three games played simultaneously. As expected, I played Sunda to Sahul — five games, actually. Four of those games were played in a row […]

  • More games at BSW

    I played few more games at the Brettspielwelt. First, I played two games of Web of Power — my first games this year! I lost first one (badly), then managed to win the other. I also tried Medina. The way they’ve done it is much better than most of the games there, the user interface […]

  • Brettspielwelt games

    I just played some games in the Brettspielwelt. I’ve been looking for a game of Ra there for a while now and today it happened, I played a 3-player game. Unfortunately the user interface is on the worse end of the BSW scale. Important information (like the amount of Ra tiles drawn) is hidden on […]

  • Game idea

    For the last few days, I’ve been thinking about an auction game idea. It just might have something to do with the fact that I played Ra Friday and enjoyed it a lot… Anyway, I’m eager to test my ideas. If it works out, I’ll publish the game on my web site. The game is […]

  • Friday’s games

    After a very long board meeting (2½ hours, but lots of good discussion, too) we started the games. We played Space Beans, Wildlife, Medina, Samurai, Ra and Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers. Space Beans started the evening — it wasn’t quite on top of my list of games I had wanted to play, but well, we […]