Brettspielwelt games

I just played some games in the Brettspielwelt. I’ve been looking for a game of Ra there for a while now and today it happened, I played a 3-player game. Unfortunately the user interface is on the worse end of the BSW scale. Important information (like the amount of Ra tiles drawn) is hidden on small tiny flecks out of sight and so on. I didn’t do well at all, but I’ll blame part of that for the hopeless interface and another part on the quick appearance of Ra tiles in the last round. Still, it was fun. I just rather play Ra offline from now on.

Then I got into a game of Tichu and I must say I’m pleased on how it turned out: my team won 1030-50 or something of that caliber. I began our early lead by taking a Tichu call home, the rest of it was mostly thanks to good play from my partner. He had several bombs, which had a good effect. Well, I did squeeze in some good or lucky moves every once in a while and I managed to use my only bomb to secure a tichu call by my partner. It was an excellent game and a very good way to spend an hour, I’d say.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to play some Go, to finally get a rating on the Kiseido Go Server.

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4 responses to “Brettspielwelt games”

  1. I’ve given up on BSW. I don’t have the patience to work my way through the interface. It might be possible if I spoke German, but…

  2. It ain’t that bad, but I guess I’m just used to it. But the new gameyell system makes looking for other players a lot easier, that was a good improvement. I guess it could use a simple user interface for those folks who don’t mind the city meta game.

  3. If u use the english flag at the main page you should now get a lot of if not all messages in english. If you connected vie the german interface try the command “/langueg en” and you should go on in english. Puerto Rico and Fuersten von Florenz even have an English client frontend.