Hot games for Q4/2007

And here’s the one final bit of trivia for 2007, the hot games for Q4. Shouldn’t be any surprises in store, but it’s good to have this one link in the chain of quarterly reports! Goodness continued from the previous quarter as the Thursday games were still in.

Agricola is hands down the hottest game of the quarter. I put in extra effort to get it on the table many times and succeeded quite well. One personal triumph was the three games I played with Johanna. I’m very glad of that, and she did enjoy the game quite a bit. My mother also enjoyed the game we played at Jyväskylä.

Race for the Galaxy was the other game that got many playings: eight like Agricola, though those eight games took a lot less time, as they included three rather fast games. Hopefully the fast games will prevail over the 45-minute ones.

Slovenian Tarok — My tarot-playing friends love the Slovenian game, so that’s what we played. I wouldn’t have minded if some of those games would’ve been games of the Hungarian game, but I did have a blast playing Slovenian, so I don’t really care. Tarot is good.

These three games dominated the quarter: Agricola in particular was played so much that other games were left in its shadow.

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