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  • Mare Nostrum + Space Beans

    (Later addition: this is entry #200! Neat!) I just noticed I didn’t play a single real-time game during the whole May! Well, June started well: yesterday was the last meeting of board game club this Spring. Unfortunately I played only two games. First thing I played was Mare Nostrum. It almost was the only thing…

  • Sudden moment of embarrassing truth

    It seems I’ve always played Space Beans wrong. I am quite sure we’ve always given the cards to the player on one’s left, ie. the next player. However, the cards should be given to the previous player, the one on your right. Oops.

  • Friday’s games

    After a very long board meeting (2½ hours, but lots of good discussion, too) we started the games. We played Space Beans, Wildlife, Medina, Samurai, Ra and Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers. Space Beans started the evening — it wasn’t quite on top of my list of games I had wanted to play, but well, we…