Sudden moment of embarrassing truth

It seems I’ve always played Space Beans wrong. I am quite sure we’ve always given the cards to the player on one’s left, ie. the next player. However, the cards should be given to the previous player, the one on your right. Oops.

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2 responses to “Sudden moment of embarrassing truth”

  1. I’m known for misinterpreting pretty much all rules wrong. Even after I read Tigris & Euphrates rules three times in a row + played it to see if I was right, I still got some minor stuff wrong.
    The most epic misunderstanding led to a variation of a game. With Settlers of Catan, I accidentally created a variation which we now call the Fallout-scenario. We first played Settlers so that when a player rolls the dice, it is she who picks up the resources and no one else. So everyone is rolling for herself. Also, the thief/pirate would only move one hex into whatever direction and this would of course leave the thief/pirate hanging into some luxurious areas and perhaps not move away from there at all. Even so, our games were pretty equal ๐Ÿ˜€
    Only thing we wondered was that discarding when you have more than 7 cards in hand occurred very rarely ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That quite interesting rules interpretation of yours will probably just make Settlers better…
    I got the temple removal rule wrong in Tigris & Euphrates for a long time โ€” I removed all temples (except those with treasures) when a red leader would lose a battle.