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  • Top 10 tile laying games

    I did a list of top 10 tile-laying games. I’ve defined tile laying much more strictly than the BoardGameGeek tile placement game mechanism list does. I’m looking for games where tile laying or tile placement is the main mechanism. The game should be about laying tiles, with spatial relationships between tiles being important: either connections […]

  • Aqua Romana

    Review of Aqua Romana in Finnish. Aqua Romana is a tile-laying game where players build Roman aqueducts. Theme doesn’t make much sense, as usual — the players score points for the length of aqueducts, so efficiency flies out of the window. However, the Roman theme is used well in the art, and the board is […]

  • Da Vinci’s Challenge

    Review in Finnish here DaVinci’s Challenge is yet another game trying to milk the popularity of Dan Brown’s books. Once again, any connection between this game and Leonardo Da Vinci is fairly thin and based on art alone (and even the art is mangled: let’s just say the Vitruvian Man is less of a man […]

  • Rat Hot

    Rat Hot reviewed in Finnish. Rat Hot is a small two-player tile-laying game from Michael Schacht. It was previously web-published as Dschunke: das Legespiel, but this edition is from Queen Games and Rio Grande Games. The game is about merchants storing goods in a storage; they try to pack similar goods together for easy access. […]

  • War, trading and hot rats

    I met Olli for the first proper game session after Nooa’s (that’s the name of our boy) birth. It was fun, to have a small break from baby care and maintenance. We started off with Memoir ’44, since that was high on Olli’s list. He had played Battle Cry before, so rules explanations were minimal. […]

  • Fjords

    Here’s a review of Fjords in Finnish. Fjords (or Fjorde) is a nice little two-player game about the vikings — however, this time the vikings are not burning and pillaging, they are farming and exploring! The game is divided in two phases. First players lay tiles to build a map and place farms on the […]

  • Flowerpower

    I’m churning out review after review… This time I did Flowerpower. Flowerpower is a relaxing little game in the Kosmos two-player range. Designed by relatively unknown authors Peter Haluszka and Angelika Fassauer, Flowerpower is often mentioned as a good couples game. It certainly has some good qualities: it’s a two-player game, easy to learn, easy […]

  • Einfach Genial

    Another review I wrote: Einfach Genial aka Ingenious aka Mensa Connections. Einfach Genial is a clever game by master Knizia. It’s an abstract game, a rare thing from Knizia whose games are often fairly thinly themed, but still have at least some theme. Some have questioned if Einfach Genial would’ve won the Spiel des Jahres […]

  • Tom Tube, Saint Petersburg

    I wrote some new reviews. The St. Petersburg review has been up for a week, while the Tom Tube review went just up. Both are in Finnish. You’ve heard me rave about St. Petersburg quite enough, and I’ll continue that whenever I happen to play the game. In the other hand, Tom Tube is perhaps […]

  • Ta Yü

    I wrote a review of Ta Yü. It’s in Finnish, as usual. Ta Yü is one of the most beautiful games in my collection. I just love the plastic tiles, which remind me of Mahjong. It’s the same kind of heavy plastic. The game, which is an abstract game with German origins, does a pretty […]