I’m churning out review after review… This time I did Flowerpower.

Flowerpower is a relaxing little game in the Kosmos two-player range. Designed by relatively unknown authors Peter Haluszka and Angelika Fassauer, Flowerpower is often mentioned as a good couples game.

It certainly has some good qualities: it’s a two-player game, easy to learn, easy to teach and fun to play. The flowery theme — the game’s nothing but flowers — certainly stands out from most games and might attract some ladies (or gentlemen) to try the game.

And why not — they’ll probably be pleased with the smoothness of the game. Those seeking fierce competition need not apply. Flowerpower is an easy-going game and mostly solitaire. Players lay their two by one flower tiles on their side of the board. There’s a neutral strip in the middle of the board where both players can play, increasing interaction and players can also plant two patches of weeds to the other player’s side, spoiling their plans.

There’s little tension and excitement. Weeds can be used for nasty effects, but it’s equally easy to play nice. Flowerpower has relaxed atmosphere and I’ve certainly enjoyed the game every time I’ve played it. It’s a bit mild, as you basically draw a tile and place a tile until the board is full, but then again, skill plays some effect and you must think a bit about your moves.

While Flowerpower is far from being the best game in the Kosmos series or one of the best two-player games, it certainly is fun to play and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a pleasant and relaxing little two-player number.

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