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  • Gaming Year 2016

    2016 was a good year. Lots of games. I made a new record for the number of new games tried. My previous record was 93 new games in 2011, but this year I reached 133 new games. This is a record that’s unlikely to be broken any time soon. I don’t really want to. I’ve decided […]

  • Gaming Year 2013

    2013 was a very good year of board games, just like 2012 was before it. My kids and I have continued to play lots of games. My son is now seven and half, and can play quite complicated games. My daughter, soon five, is also a bright little gamer, and much less prone to throwing […]

  • Suburbia, FrankenDie, Cardcassonne, Trivitria Up

    This year has started well: I’ve played something every day. Yesterday was our weekly game night, and otherwise I’ve played with the kids. Suburbia was very good. It’s a city-building game, where you have to create a snowball economy. Points are scored during the game and in the end from four public goals and one […]