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  • Karibik and TransAmerica

    I got a nice packet yesterday. Inside I found two games from Winning Moves, Karibik and TransAmerica and some Kosmos two-player games (Lost Cities and Balloon Cup). What all these games have in common? They are all coming out in Finnish next year and I’m working on the translations. You know how much I like […]

  • Dos Rios

    I got Dos Rios yesterday. I’m not too keen on Franz-Benno Delonge’s work (well, TransAmerica), but Dos Rios had such a neat idea in the river system that I just wanted to try it out. I’m not expecting too much, if it’s good I’m surprised positively. I’m afraid it might be too tactical and chaotic, […]

  • The Games Journal

    New issue of The Games Journal is out. There’s articles about Germany, games with kids, educational games and Essen fair. Reviews include Trans America, Sleuth and Bang! There are rules to a game called WYSIWYG and of course, the letters (including a letter from yours truly!). Go read it, it’s excellent!

  • BSW session

    I play at BrettSpielWelt every now and then (my name there is Mikko) and today was one of those occasions. I played two games of Puerto Rico and a game of TransAmerica. Both of the Puerto Rico games were three-player games. First one ended before I noticed — I was a victim of the confusing […]