Karibik and TransAmerica

I got a nice packet yesterday. Inside I found two games from Winning Moves, Karibik and TransAmerica and some Kosmos two-player games (Lost Cities and Balloon Cup). What all these games have in common? They are all coming out in Finnish next year and I’m working on the translations.

You know how much I like TransAmerica and I won’t keeping that one around any longer than I need to — I guess I’ll have to keep the Finnish edition in my collection because it’s my translation, but the German game must go after I’m done with the translation. Either I sell it or donate it to Lautapeliseura.

Karibik, in the other hand, looks more interesting. It has nice bits, but the game mechanics rely a lot on outguessing your opponents. I’m guessing I’ll like it, but not immensely. Then again, it could be new Viva il Re! ie. filler I’ll like a lot but nobody else doesn’t meaning it’ll fade into obscurity.

Anyway, when you add the stuff Lautapelit.fi is doing — right now Ticket to Ride and maybe more — next year looks like it could be even better than this year. Quite neat.

Also included in the package was my first corporate Christmas gift ever. Cool.

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