BSW session

I play at BrettSpielWelt every now and then (my name there is Mikko) and today was one of those occasions. I played two games of Puerto Rico and a game of TransAmerica.

Both of the Puerto Rico games were three-player games. First one ended before I noticed — I was a victim of the confusing user interface. I though one of the opponents still had two spaces left in his city, but it turned out he had two large buildings and the game ended. I lost six points as my Customs House was left without a colonist. However, that would’ve moved me three points below the winner and I had enough points already to be second, so actually it didn’t matter at all.

Second I managed to be second too, with a total opposite strategy (indigo shipper vs builder). Both games were really badly played by me, my game stalled badly. I must practise more. Puerto Rico is, by the way, moving slowly to become the most played game this year, beating even shorter games like Zértz or Carcassonne.

Trans America, in the other hand — I lost 9 points on the first round but managed to win the second game. A newbie player lost on the second round so the game was over. I was third. This was already sixth game of TA for me I think and it only made my opinion stronger — it’s a really boring game, complete waste of time. And it was close to winning Spiel des Jahres this year! I don’t get it. I wouldn’t even play it with non-gamers, even they deserve better games like Africa or Carcassonne.

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