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  • Thursday session: Xiangqi, Tarot, Tichu

    We had to do a last-minute location switch because university is already closed for Christmas. Well, four players gathered at the bar we chose to play in. Not bad, really, as four is all you need… Jaakko was first to arrive and as I had set up a Xiangqi board to go through some example […]

  • Playing cards

    Another session! We started with Fairy Tale, which is the current favourite filler. It’s indeed an excellent game, right now it’s the hottest thing — I’m always up for a game. We even got a team game going, even though two of the guys thought they were paired with their neighbour, not the player opposite […]

  • Geocaching card game

    I wouldn’t post this, but I know I have a geocacher or two in my audience, who might be interested… First to Find! is a trick-taking game about geocaching. Game homepage has some artwork. The cards look nice, but actually it’s a regular deck of cards with new art. The game, it seems, is a […]

  • Margin for Error preview

    I got a copy of Margin for Error, the first game from Sagely Games, to test. Unfortunately I can’t see myself having an opportunity to test the game in near future, so I thought I’d write a bit of a preview based on the rules. The game is familiar enough, so I’m quite confident of […]

  • Drahtseilakt

    Knizia’s Drahtseilakt reviewed in Finnish. Drahtseilakt is a Knizia trick-taking game from 1999, republished in 2004 as Relationship Tightrope by Überplay. This review is based on the original German edition. Based on pictures, the new edition looks great, but I find the new theme of relationship stereotypes slightly offending and a definite turn-off. Balancing act […]

  • Margin for Error

    I got a copy of Margin for Error to try. It’s a partnership trick-taking game, so it’ll have to wait until the next time I have four players together. It looks simple enough: there’s a captain who decides, whether their team will go for lots of points or no points. Other team tries to mess […]

  • Gargon

    A review of Gargon is up on my site. Gargon by Rüdiger Dorn is a small card game from Amigo. Gargon is one of those kind of traditional, yet quirky games. The idea is basically a trick-taking game, but it would stretch the definition of trick-taking to fully include Gargon in that lot. Weird ideas […]

  • Victory & Honor

    I wrote a review of VIctory & Honor in Finnish. Victory & Honor is a American Civil War -themed trick-taking game from Ty Douds and Jolly Roger. It’s for four players, and while it can be played individually, it’s probably best played as two pairs. That’s the way I’ve played it. It’s one of the […]

  • Cosmic Eidex

    There’s a review of Cosmic Eidex up at the Finnish site. Cosmic Eidex is a trick-taking game for three players. It’s not the easiest game to learn, particularly for players with no earlier experience of Central European trick-taking games. It’s based on Swiss Jass (and few other games), which brings some peculiarities to the fold. […]

  • FarFalia

    I wrote a review of FarFalia. My session report summarised the game pretty well already, but here goes again: FarFalia is a trick-taking game for five players. It supports two and three with dummies and four with different arrangements, but it’s designed for five and shines that way. The game features a fairly standard deck […]