Geocaching card game

I wouldn’t post this, but I know I have a geocacher or two in my audience, who might be interested… First to Find! is a trick-taking game about geocaching. Game homepage has some artwork.

The cards look nice, but actually it’s a regular deck of cards with new art. The game, it seems, is a trick-taking game. I wouldn’t expect the game to actually model the sport in satisfying way, but that’s hard to say without looking at the rules (which aren’t public, which is obvious since the game could probably be played with a regular deck of cards).

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5 responses to “Geocaching card game”

  1. The description does say “out-trick your opponents, but I’m not convinced it’s a trick-taking game. I don’t think the Boardgamegeek entry is based on anything other than what’s on the website.
    See also the designer’s blog, which has some info about the genesis of the game (but not much more about the gameplay).

  2. Reading the page more closely it seems you’re right. Sounds a bit like take that game, actually.

  3. Mikko,
    Actually — I got the game. It’s a unique, stand-alone game and you can’t play it with a regular deck of cards. The cool thing is that the game is multi-funcational, i.e you can use the main card graphics to play the FTF game or the side graphics as a deck of cards. Obviously, a card game isn’t going to be the same as actually geocaching but these guys did a great job with the art and simple rules. Speaking of which, the rules are also posted online — it looks like the designer got that added since your original post.
    Take care!
    Bug Candy

  4. Bug Candy — if you’re going to post more “player testimonials” about First to Find!, use an e-mail address that doesn’t reveal you as the VP of marketing and sales for the game — gives you that extra bit of credibility… You’re one of “these guys, which kind of makes your recommendation a bit pointless.
    But yeah, you’re correct: the game can’t be played with a regular deck of cards without extensive modification of the cards. However, reading the rules, I don’t think I’d want to, anyway, as the game sounds actually quite daft.