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  • Victory & Honor

    I wrote a review of VIctory & Honor in Finnish. Victory & Honor is a American Civil War -themed trick-taking game from Ty Douds and Jolly Roger. It’s for four players, and while it can be played individually, it’s probably best played as two pairs. That’s the way I’ve played it. It’s one of the […]

  • Games Saturday with Tommy, Stefu and Robert

    Saturday was the big games day of the weekend, when Tommy and Stefu came all the way from Vantaa/Espoo and were joined by Robert of the local gamers. We started around noon and played almost 12 hours straight. It was pleasant, efficient and very entertaining. Here’s what we played: Flix Mix. I played this with […]

  • Bad rules of Victory & Honor

    Peter Sarrett writes about bad rules, mentioning Victory & Honor as an example. He’s spot on: Victory & Honor has probably the worst rulebook I’ve ever seen in a good game. I practically threw the rule book across the room three times while explaining the rules. It took us MUCH longer than it should have […]

  • Helcon expectations

    Today I’m heading to Helsinki and Helcon. I thought I wouldn’t take a huge load of games with me, but here I go, hauling one large bag and few smaller ones. If things go well, I’ll be able to sell most of those games and I don’t have to take them back. There are only […]

  • Boardgame club meeting: Fifth Avenue, Finstere Flure

    The first boardgame club meeting this Fall was yesterday. It sure was great to get some gaming action going on. We had a decent showing, with about two tables going on most of the time. First game I played was Fifth Avenue. It was much better than the last time. This time even the scoring […]

  • Boardgame club session: St. Petersburg, Maharaja, Victory & Honor

    We had a pleasant little boardgame club session yesterday. Only few people came to play, but hey — that’s enough. One table of gamers is all I need. Our first game was St. Petersburg. While I explained the rules, I joked that since it’s a four-player game, a fifth player will walk in after I’ve […]

  • Memoir ’44 and Victory & Honor

    My game collection grew with two new war-themed games today when I got the long-expected Memoir ’44 and actually even longer-expected Victory & Honor. I guess there’s little I can say about Memoir ’44 at this point that hasn’t been said before, so I’ll just say it’s a neat game, the components are very pretty […]