Helcon expectations

Today I’m heading to Helsinki and Helcon. I thought I wouldn’t take a huge load of games with me, but here I go, hauling one large bag and few smaller ones. If things go well, I’ll be able to sell most of those games and I don’t have to take them back. There are only few games Tommy and Stefu wanted me to bring to play, most notably Media Mogul and Victory & Honor.

I’m looking forward to trying some Essen goodies. Mall World is number one, even though I couldn’t care less about the theme. I wish the game was about land development in DDR, as it used to be according to Mik Svellov’s review. Anyway, it should be interesting.

I like simple card games and Geschenkt is about as simple as they get. Sounds very promising and — echoing the sentiments of dozens of gamers — why didn’t I come up with that one?

Hopefully Phil will bring Niagara — I don’t know if I’m keen to play it, but I certainly want to see it. It looks amazing in the pictures.

Tommy’s Roads & Boats will be an object of much drooling and admiration, but I don’t think we’re going to actually play it this time. Some other time…

Those are my main expectations — nobody has Oltremare as far as I know, that would be interesting. Well, no matter what we play, I believe Helcon will be great fun as it was last time.

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5 responses to “Helcon expectations”

  1. I have one Oltremare sitting on the floor and waiting eagerly to be played. Unfortunately it’s Stefu’s copy.

  2. Aw, you indeed make Helcon sound promising. Niagara does look interesting and I would like to try it. And after reading the rules of Geschenkt I want to play it too. 🙂 Unfortunately I’ll have to pass Helcon this time because I am sick, but hopefully I get to play Geschenkt some other time at a local club meeting. Hope you all have fun there!

  3. If Niagara is any fun, I’ll probably get it at some point. Geschenkt is pretty much guaranteed on my shopping list.