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  • Viva il Re!

    I wrote a review of Viva il Re! — in Finnish as usual. I’ve also reworked the front page of my Finnish game site, hope you enjoy the new look, if you’re a reader. I initially rated Viva il Re! as 9 at the Geek, but my rating has since come down to eight. That’s […]

  • Weekend gaming session, Saturday

    Saturday was a fun-filled day of gaming as well. Tommy’s brother Miikka joined us. He’s not a gamer the way we are, but likes to play games. We kicked the day off with a four-player game of Attika, a well-known favourite. It was a tough match, which I was finally able to win by connecting […]

  • Go and Viva il Re!

    Today I played a game of Go against Ilari. 13×13, no handicap, I played white. Ilari is much slower player than Juho, which is both good and bad. It’s nice to play several 19×19 games in quick succession, but I think I play better against Ilari when I’m forced to think a bit more. Still, […]

  • Independence Day games

    Even though next board game club meeting is tomorrow, I invited Robert and Olli to my place for some games. It was a very good way to spend the Independence Day in my opinion, especially as Johanna was out of town. First we played some new games I hadn’t yet tried. I’ll write more detailed […]

  • Unloading

    I have tons of things to say, so I’ll just start with something: I got a load of games from daVinci Games Friday. I’m now proud owner of Bang! (with High Noon expansion), Lupus in Tabula (their take on Werewolf) and King Me! (aka Viva il Re!). The games seem quite interesting, especially King Me! […]